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ASUS SmartDOC woes


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lo all,


this software has been doing my head in for the last couple of days. Working fine on XP , but trying to get this software to run on windows 64bit is a serious pain in the buttocks. :mad:


"Can't detect an ASUS videocard or failed to detect GPU error messages"


Wanting to run some old crossfire cards in my typical scatter benching mode :D.


I tried numerous other software (AB(x), GPUtool, Trixx,...) windows 7 32/64bit, Win7 SP0/1 and several old legacy drivers. It seems Smartdoctor is the only one to give software acess to the GPU voltage.


Concerned cards are the ASUS 5850 TOP and the 4890 TOP series...


Googling the web gave some pointers to install it as administrator and Vista compatibility mode. Though to no avail...



Before pulling out the soldering tool I just want to know if anyone else has got this software to properly run on windows 7 64bit.

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you need VID mod anyway , because with any software you hint ovp limit on these cards.


HD 4890 TOP was done in 2 variants:

a) reference design with 2x volterra VT1165mf pwm and black pcb , 1x6pin + 1x8 pin power , MLCC cap back gpu side

b) analog custom design , 100% asus design ...here need anyway hw voltmode


HD 5850 TOP use uP6208 pwm , witch it had OVP trigger , only way to bench these card over 1.5vgpu need VID mod , if you can´t configure the mod ..contact me.


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