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NuclearMC benchmark.


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haha, you're fast jmke. It's getting cluttered bro and with all of those PCMark benches that do not get us points, it could be time to do a cleanup? Ditch sandra 2004 and replace it with Nuke ;)


Just some friendly suggestions to get this one in there and clean up the clutter. NBOC really appreciate what you guys do here and this is all stuff we've conversed about recently.


Have a great weekend!

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with a test that hits so many facets of the cpu, I can understand how the runs could be different from run to run. As long as we're not seeing something like a 10% difference, then we can write that off as system variables no?


To help us understand it a bit better, maybe we should take a collection of runs with various platforms and find the average score variable to see if its consistent enough for hwbot to support it.


I can talk to my team and get them on board if this will help, because I really do feel that this bench is worthy to compete with. We've started competing inter-team with it, and its going well with no fuss.


Besides, it uses Fibonacci sequence...which is a huge part of Tool's Lateralus album ;)

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I'd love that idea.

We, in Team Estonia official forum foorum.hinnavaatlus.ee have run that benchmark long time. As DonNiger allready posted, there is a score-board also: http://www.wolk.pri.ee/nc/tabel.htm


Older version thread: http://foorum.hinnavaatlus.ee/viewtopic.php?t=297467


very nice 8600 run man! Gotta get those chaps with the i7's up a few notches, you're making them look silly with half the cores ;)


I just ran it last night for the first time and pulled off 27.9k at 4.3ghz so it looks like it's scaling with HT properly.

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