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Wizerty - Core i7 5960X @ 5896MHz - 45425 points Geekbench3 - Multi Core


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Very nice indeed. 8 cores at 1.700Vcore and 5897MHz? That must be a hell of PSU to cope up with that demand! I'm only confused with the given info of rams (G.Skill 12-14-14-20) and the CPU-Z info (10-13-14-14 & Kingston). But that is a innocent mistake that can be easily corrected, right? :)


It takes LN2 to push 1.70Vcore to 22nm CPU... poor CPU! Have a mercy on him!

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Np, man. Would be nice to edit that out, before someone use this little mistake to report world third best score. That would just add HWbot team work and...


And yep, SPD values is mostly quite accurate. Either they did not work at all (speaking about some obscure chipsets like SIS 730 or too old chipsets, where Franck broke the compatibility - say i430TX) or they work and are precise :) And yep, that mistake I know too and I edit then things out.


Sometimes I even go thru my hardware base to realize that I, by mistake, enter some HW I did not even have :D :D :D




Just be pls less aggressive on your poor Haswell-E, 1.70Vcore is IMHO too much. This is not AMD K6 3+ or something like that :)))



PS. hello to France, my caps are just in France too - on airport of Charless de Gaulle:


:D :D :D (small world)

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