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Golden E6300 (and other 775 CPUs)


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Hey guys,

couple of 775 stuff. Binned with 1,45V vCore and SuperPi 1M stability on my REX with both cores enabled, regular air cooling at room temperature.


first up for sale my golden E6300. Here's what it can do: http://hwbot.org/submission/3060202_masterchief79_wprime___1024m_core_2_e6300_%281.86ghz%29_10min_4sec_312ms

Incredibly strong core, completely stable at 4,4GHz@1,61V@-45°C.

Unfortunately my board doesn't allow higher clocks, I'm sure the CPU can do more. It did around 580 FSB AT AIR!!!

With LN2 and a 650+FSB board this should be gold medals all the way. B/O: 50€ - SOLD AND SHIPPED TO SALE_QUICHE.




CPU seems to run pretty high speeds with low vCore.

wPrime 32M: (score)

wPrime 1024M (ignore bad efficiency): (score)

These were at SS at about -40°C at evap, so there should be headroom with LN2. I have no experience with Q6600 binning as this is only my second one, but compared to the rest of the rankings it certainly seems promising :)

B/O: 75€



2x E6300. These did ~530 FSB/3725MHz which is also not bad and currently unmet by my other ~60 CPUs - 10€ each


5x E6300. Nothing special, 500 FSB or less - 3€ each


Also got a couple of E2140, E2160, E2180, E2200, E4300, E4600, E6600, E6750. Just tell me what you need, my binning setup is running and working so if you want results, just tell me.

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