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Small Session Last Night - Looking for Advice


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Last night I was tuning my 980X and OC for Geekbench (for an OCN Competition) but I was having issues pushing my CB back. Removing memory sticks didn't seen to help a whole lot... CB stayed pretty near -115°C to -120°C the whole time... Made it back to -130°C or so in single channel, but it wasn't always consistent (sometimes it would hard lock at -125°C).


Does playing with the skews help move that around?


Here are the voltages I was using:


VCore - 1.785V

QPI/VTT - 1.435V

PLL - 1.60V

QPI PLL - 1.32V

IOH - 1.26V

DRAM - 1.86V


Clock skews - 800 / 900


All PWM frequency switches were set to max (1 KHz? Can't remember)


Here's what I've tried:


I lowered my Uncore frequency and lowered QPI/VTT to 1.315V.

I tried raising PLL to 1.70V, but haven't tried 1.50V (derp, should have tried that).

I tried triple, dual, and single channel memory. In my past experience (with a different chip), this made a significant difference, a la -110°C triple channel, -135*°C dual channel, -150°C to full pot single channel.


Chip seems strong... It can do Geekbench in triple channel at -110°C at 5.9GHz. Dual channel at -120°C and 6GHz. I gave a half-assed attempt at Pi and validation. Validated 6.5 and passed 1M at around 6.15GHz (but didn't beat my previous score, so I didn't save).


I'll try 1.50V CPU PLL next time. Any other advice? Should I lower my QPI/VTT even more?























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