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Load of spare gpu's.


Price includes shipping within UK only.


Payment by paypal or bank transfer, whatever suits you best. If by paypal then must be as gift or cover the fee.


All prices in Pounds.




x3 MSI GTX 460 Hawk Talon Attack - 45 - 1 left

x1 Gigabyte GTX 460 SOC - 40

x1 ASUS GTX 560Ti DCU2 TOP - 40

x1 ASUS GTX 580 Matrix Platinum Average clocker - 75

x1 ASUS GTX 580 Matrix Platinum v.good clocker (980 core 06 1150mv, air/stock) - 85



Matrix were tested in house, closed windows, heating at 22deg, either OCF or xpower z170 (cant remember which board i used)

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Not having much luck with these cards fella, got no video from either. Had just a black screen, fans spun up and got into windows but like I say no display. Tried using a DVI to HDMI converter and now have a garbled mess on my screen, going to try the other 5770 see what happens, not looking good for either atm

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Lol Well confused, tried a different monitor and its worked straight away. Must be something with my qnix 2710. Thought it had to be something, didn't seem likely that both would suffer the same fault.


Looks like my gf will get the 1440p screen for a while while I play with these cards lol


Cheers dude

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