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Would it be possible to add a big "How HWBot works" link to the top of the front page... linking to a brief overview of how leagues and the basics work? I think it would be helpful for newcomers who probably feel a bit lost when they first see the site. A mate has just asked me what would happen if he joined up.... and I couldn't tell him :/ Are new folk automatically put into Rookie?

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Found the Rankings-> Overclockers tab. Yes, that definitely helps thankyou :)


So, there's a progression that must be followed? (if everything was working)


My mate doesn't (currently) want to get really drawn in, just submit a few scores for fun when he feels like it. I sold him a couple of my spare cards, he wants to know what the fuss is about :D


I've been here for so long and there's so much I can't explain :/

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If all works correctly, start at rookie league, then you are promoted to novice league three months after first submission, you stay there another year and then go to enthusiast league. Please note that no matter at which league or status you are, as soon as you use extremecooling, you have to change to extreme league, and maybe elite if you use current gen ES or are highly sponsored :D - but normal way things work is Rookie(3 months), novice(12 months) and then Enthusiast league, promotions used to work automatically. As Mr Scorr said, this might be broken, so if your friend has issues at the start and get to other league than rookie, he can shoot Pieter a PM to fix this if something goes wrong. No big deal :)

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