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DJRamses - GeForce GTX 980 Ti @ 1729/2088MHz - 17348 marks Catzilla - 1440p


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Great job!!!!!!!!!! Insane clock for WC, what V on the card?


It says in the picture, max was 1.714v, but under load it seems 1.65v.


No idea why you'd give a GPU that many volts on water though, or how on earth he found a card that would actually scale with that many volts @ that temp..

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Thanks for the praise... :)


The Card is a Asus 980 Ti 20th Aniversary Gold Edition. And i have remove all Limits!

The ASICS is 79,9%

The Voltages are very diffrent. GPU Tweak shows realy more than all other.

The OC Panel ( Rampage V Extreme) shows a Voltage (under Load!!) between 1,58 and 1,61V. Next run i try a multimeter.

The GPU Tweak window is a evidence, to show it is not subzero!

The Cooling is realy easy: We have Winter in Germany! And a Big Radiator stands outside. Watertemp are 0 - 2 degrees. The System works with three Pumps.

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