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[US] Dimastech Easy v2.5, Thermochill PA 120.2, EK 140mL Res


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Dimastech - Easy v2.5, Milk White - $130 + Shipping

Fully functional, comes with most of the original accessories as shown in the images. There are some imperfections in the paint from acetone usage with dry ice. This has left a few spots where the gloss finish has been removed, though it is still white. In general, the bench could use a nice wipe-down.


The box is large and heavy, so expect close to $25 to ship it in the US. Way cheaper than buying new from Dimas and I'll actually ship it quickly without you harassing me ;) For reference, I paid $235 shipped for the Easy v3.0 that I purchased a month ago.


Thermochill PA 120.2 - $55 Shipped via USPS First Class Mail

Works quite well, could use a blow out. Includes the adapters to accept G1/4 fittings. Note that this has 15mm spacing which is uncommon. I had it mounted on my Dimastech as shown in the images below. This radiator retailed for $115 new.


EK 140mL Reservoir - $25 Shipped via USPS First Class Mail SOLD

I don't really know the specifics of this beyond the fact that it doesn't leak. The Bitspower plug fitting shown is not included. Beyond that, what you see is what you get. It could definitely use a nice cleaning. I do not have the mounting hardware for it.



Payment via PayPal. Lowballs will be ignored.







Dimastech equipped:



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The bench itself isn't heavy, but the whole box is probably about 15-18 lbs or so. I bought an EasyXL because I wanted to move my radiators down below, so I know what you mean about wanting the second one below. The 240 up top got in the way when pouring. If you only have one radiator (or an external rad box), it's perfect.

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The thing is that I have something similar as the Easy XL that a friend built for me. It has ugly looks but is 100% functional. Was looking to upgrade to something of that size.


Over 6KG the forward address I use start charging for the volumetric weight...


Anyway, wish you luck with that bench table.



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