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4690K, great 5930K, deadly ASR Z170 OCF.


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5930K- $450 OBO


Was able to pass XTU 5.1G @1.565V, 4.7G@1.4 32M(Voltage might be lower, I think I was trying to get 4.8G but it just wouldnt go).


4690K- $160


Great IMC, weakish core. Came out of my LAN rig.




This thing is a CPU Killer, 3 6700Ks souls passed through it before I figured it was killing them. No bent pins just instant death for all procs that enter it. Yellow Mama is gone.

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Guest george.kokovinis
XA preparing truck Rma to intel :D


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I can't stop laughing Alex.

Truck RMA...:banana:

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