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HD 6950-> 6970

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CF or SLI is different from single ranking, this has nothing to do with this rule we discuss here and you should know this... - if you have 30 minutes of time, please sit down and check the 6950 and 6970 category and think about the rule again and why it was created this way. The explanation by mickulty is nothing than the rules. It should be clear that you can not allow the same piece of hardware to be submitted at different categories, which is possible with an unlockable 6950 if I follow your idea. I could use it for 6950 and 6970, simply by using original BIOS and then unlock BIOS. It would not even be cheating. You also can not allow people to cherry pick to which category they submit, because then there will be people who always submit in favour of their personal advantage. We would have no option to prevent this from happening if I follow your arguments. And what you say, that an unlocked 290 is a 290x, is not true - a 290 is a 290, if you send it to rma you will not get a 290x in return, if I check the device ID it will show me that this is a 290...it will always be a 290 flashed with another BIOS


To finish this for me, two points I saw in this discussion and by checking a few results. The staff can not rely on ethics. This is sad but true. I found people that submitted the same card, unlocked, for both 6950 and 6970 at same benchmark category to grab more points for their ranking. I found people who did submit the exactly same card for some benchmarks at 6950 and other benchmarks at 6970, depending on which gave more points. I also saw people who used card locked for 6950, unlocked it, and then submitted to 6970.

Point two, we have no option to determine a general rule for unlocked hardware other then the one existing.

D – Hardware Unlocking


Again this is a subject where we have to trust on the honesty of the submitter; if you have a CPU with unlocked multiplier, please only submit results under the hardware category of its original model. Don’t emulate other models to gain HWboints, if you are caught you will get penalized or even banned. The same goes for video cards which are modified either with a flashed BIOS or modded software, post your scores in the category of the original hardware.


It is allowed to unlock extra cores and cache if your processor allows that. Again, you do have to submit your result to the category of the original hardware.


A piece of hardware is defined by its microcode or vendor id, we can only identify it by this, if this is possible at all (some old amd cpus are not fully defined). The rule was created, long before I joined staff, because some people were not sure where to submit, and some simply cheated and submitted same hardware at several different categories to maximize personal cups and points.

If you have a better way to prevent this from happening, guarantee the integrity of hardware database at same time and also keep it simple, let us know, we are always in when it comes to improvements at handling for both benchers and mods.


P.S. http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=15742

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