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Strong Island - GeForce 8800 GTX @ 1008/1188MHz - 492248 marks Aquamark

Behzad Tak

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Did you do OCP/OVP mods or does the epower cancel this sort of stuff out?


I bought a bunch of 1.4k resistors to do the ocp mod just in case I didnt go with epower but ya the epower bypasses any ocp/ovp.


I did a vmem mod and added 6 caps for memory and 6 for gpu. I also had to do a trim pot mod on the epower for voltage control because my evbot died.


It's nice because you can use dip switches to go to like 1.3v-1.4v and use the trim pot for the rest.


Also since I didnt epower the memory I had to cut pin 15 on the primarion controller.


I really have no clue why this is all fun to me but I had a 3 day weekend and spent the whole time working on the card, the first one didnt make it. But it was so much fun.

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