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GeForce GT 710 gf119 vs gk208

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Since the start of Cheapaz Chips Comp this has been an issue. When subbing GpuPi 1B using gt710 gk208 the gpu is automatically placed in the gf119 category. This is becoming increasingly messy and confusing since a lot of the Comp subs for all three categories are being grouped wrong. Can we find a way to make this clear as to what gpu belongs where and try and clear up the charts ? I'll place subs in approriate category if no one is available to do so, but right now the biggest problem is making a clear distinction between the two. I was looking around the web for more details, but didn't find much as most sites are talking about the more current gk208. I did fid this, though at a website who's benchmark comparisons should be taken with a grain of salt.








source :

GeForce GT 710 vs GeForce GT 710 OEM

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It is easy when you dial in the card by hand, there will come up two options when you dialed Geforce GT 71 - the normal and a GK208. On GPUPI, I guess this is developers problem so you might adress this at gpupi thread


P.S. We have already an internal task for clean up when comp is over, I also moved a couple of subs durig pre check - but it is not funny when people cannot even read a drop down menu that pops up with two! choices^^

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