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(FS)Impacts/ATI Vintage vgas


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Sales time

All components are tested to work, on details refer to items descriptions. The boards can go because my enthusiasm for Asus faded a bit and I use other vendors, the cards were binned partially and meant to be benched but this obviously will not happen... Let´s start






VGAs from the upper left down and then upper right down

1. MSI ATI Radeon X1950XTX 512MB GDDR4


Flagship of the X1xxx series of ATI, fastest card of the series (650/1000 stock). The card works flawless and is in mint condition, I even have the original box and accessory but this is huge and will raise shipping.



2. Gigabyte Radeon X1950 Pro 256MB


The card comes with its original custom cooling solution by Gigabyte, very good condition




3. ATI Radeon X1900XT Crossfire master edition


Specs resemble 1900XT, but the card is also capable to make up a crossfire duo with a normal XT or XTX, the original crossfire dongle is included




4. Zotac Geforce GTX280 AMP


Good condition, the card came to me with a custom undervoltage BIOS which I never changed, so there might be much more in it than what I saw at my short bench tests years ago.




5. ATI Radeon X800XT Platinum edition


The card comes with an accelero cooler which sometimes makes small noises, apart from this in very good condition





6. Asus Maximus VII Impact Z97


This board comes bulk, it is a special sample with alu block cooler. Top binned, first owner got easy 2800 6-9-6 on cold, running 2750 8-12-8 psc or high samsung was a piece of cake. This board is indeed special, hard for me to sell it but better than see it rot in my drawer. No official warranty



7. Asus Maximus VI Impact Z87


Awesome board as well, retail with full accessory and box. Did very well with psc and samsung (all I have left) and is in like new condition. For the board I have a wholesale invoice from first owner, no idea about warranty, from sn it should be valid but Asus does not handle this custmer friendly iirc


impact67vgas53ckff.jpg impact67vgas60sjha.jpg

Prices excluding shipping

1. 35 Euro sold

2. 20 Euro

3. 20 Euro

4. 40 Euro

5. 20 Euro sold

6. 150 Euro

7. 150 Euro


Payment is possible with paypal (gift or buyer covers fees) or western union. The items are located in germany, shipping will vary, this depends on size and weight, but on the vgas I am not sure 15-18 euros, which is estimated up to 2kg in eu, will make sense for one card only. For a quote, please contact me


Disclaimer: I am no shop-owner, so I rule out warranty and returns. The items offered work flawless and are not changed physically, so manufacturer warranty is valid -unless you change this, and then it is non of my business anymore

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