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I have been trying to get memory as stable as my Impact, using 2 different kits, this is the level I am trying to reach


But with normal RTL's and IOL's, I have tested my SA Volts from 0.9 to 1.2, finding that 1.125 To be the sweet spot with my CPU, I am also running +.25V on both IOA And IOD, I have also found that I cannot run full tight, or even get into windows at 8-12-8 2600, needing 8-13-9 To get into windows at higher volts than the impact and still not passing what would at tighter timings, for reference on the Impact I was able to run 4-5-4-15-4-4-4-4-11-11-1, on this MPOWER I am only able to run 4-5-4-15 With the rest on auto, I will upload some BIOS Screenshots in a bit :)

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Try running it on the 1-3 Dimm slots, set 8-12-8-28 tRFC 128, Tref 13600, TCKE 5 tWCL 7 2.0 Vdimm ... don't tighten the subs... MSI trains differently then ASUS... could be you have to do it in a few steps...



Some remarks:



-1.98 volts for 2600Mhz only is not an awesome kit mate

-CPU volts differ from brand to brand, in general MSI needs a bit more

-you are comparing an optimized mITX versus a full blown ATX board, so timings will differ for sure

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I spent some time with the board a while ago. With PSC at 2600+ you need sticks in 1+3 and 2T. This board and PSC means a lot of pain :D


This was using PSC Profile, Mode 1 + 2T:



Fastest result with this board was using Samsung. 1435Mhz failed half way through even though IMC and mems could do this.


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