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[FS]6550 6700K!


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Hey folks,up for sale a great 6700K from some binning i did.


Great air cpu,did 5 ghz hwb prime undelidded on 1.36 normal ambient,ln2 6500 hwbtprime was easy,6550 worked too but did not screen,6600 failed however should be possible with little bit more tuning and maybe lapped ihs. If i remember correctly on water it needed 1.25 for 4800/4500 CB R15. Imc was good for 4133 12-11-11 32M and 4200+ physics 50/50/7/6 .


Cpu is extremely easy to clock under ln2,just 1.8 Pll,1.6 termantion,bandwith 5, and no cb,simple as that,cbb is around -170,tested on M8 Impact.


Price is 420E shipped in Europe,payment via paypal.For any other questions please ask.







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