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Gigabyte X99-Designware EX + Corsair DDR4 Dominator 3466Mhz


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Hello everybody,

thanks to accept me in your forum.

There are a lot of informations and advices. Great !


But I need your help.


I've just built a new computer with a Gigabyte motherboard, model X99-Designware EX with a intel i7-6850K in normal mode.


I bought also a Dominator Platinium 64Gb Kit (4x16) in 3466Mhz.



But unfortunately, I have wonderfull Windows blue screen after some times... (XMP mode) So I suspect memory to be the cause. It will be confirmed with a memory test software (MemTest86 - Offical Site of the x86 Memory Testing Tool) So I call my shop to make an exchange. Waiting the delivery of new pack of memory, I equip the MB with 4x8Gb Vengeance 3200Mhz and the sytem is running well, without any error. Also test with memtest86. (XMP mode)


Some days ago I received the new kit of Dominator. I installed them on the MB, but I have exactly same errors during the memetest86 . I try another test software, same and Blue screen occured also.


My BIOS is lastest version (F4C and after F4d given by Gigabyte), running in XMP mode 3466 and also tried in 32x, meaning 3200Mhz.


BUT in XMP manually set to 3000 Mhz (30x) the system is very stable and the MEMTest don't report errors after several hours running.


Could you help me please ?


Is a special setting in the BIOS needed ?


Imcompatibility with Corsair and MB ?

I have contacted Corsair and Gigabyte but they will make ping pong.


Thanks for your help.

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I have the same setup, and Leeghoofd is correct.


But there is a chance that your system can run 3466Mhz XMP profile but you have to make some changes in BIOS.


Bump the memory voltage to 1.5v for both A and B channels.


There is also a chance that your memory has two XMP profiles, try the slower one.


You might be stuck at a lower memory speed if the voltage bump does not help.

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