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Sempron 145 benches 4.2ghz on air all day long


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I have a single core Sempron for sale that is lapped and had a delid with Gelid GC-Extreme thermal past on the CPU to IHS. I haven't glued it back down as I know some of you prefer liquid metal.


Would make a good CPU for a rookie or novice to improve their global single core scores.


It's for sale on Ebay for 20 quid with free delivery to anyone in the UK.


AMD Sempron 145 Lapped, Delid, & binned 4.2ghz


My best scores are with another Sempron 145 which isn't for sale yet.

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Not to spoil the fun, but 4.2ghz at 1.5v is nothing extraordinary. I've sold two low-volt 4.5GHz+ (stock cooling) before and these were my rejects.

For hw records they need to have other capabilities, not just pure core clock potential.


Any reason to delid it? Aren't they "soldered"? Any thermal paste will be worse than stock and also needs maintenance, i.e. you need to replace the paste regularly.

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Sorry it's my first post trying to advertise anything for sale, I generally don't sell anything so I'm not that good with ebay either.


I thought I was doing well to get a good 4.2ghz on one of these to run any bench in 20 degree C ambient conditions. It wouldn't do that before the delid (they are not soldered), even 4ghz was sketchy. My other one isn't much quicker but has scored me some decent points in the league.


Got another one on the way to play with.


Deliding older cpu's is definitely worthwhile. I had an E2160 that wouldn't budge over 2.9ghz on air, with a TEC I could bench at 3.2ghz and then after the delid I managed over 3.8ghz on air again and with lower volts.


Downside is the glue gets really hard on older processors making it a lot easier to damage the die especially on the socket 775's which is why I've given up on those. AMD processors are fairly easy to do as long as you don't go in very far as there are little resisters around the edges of the die.


All Semprons and Athlons have TIM as far as I know but Phenoms and FX's are all soldered.

I also did my Haswell i5 4670K, the temps are now a lot lower under load but I didn't manage to squeeze many more mhz.

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Thanks for the picture. This might actually help me hit even higher frequencies with my little 145 in the future.

Seems to be a very tight fit, some elements are very close to the IHS edge, just like some s.939 chips.

And I think it is advisable to leave the glue on the PCB, otherwise it might lead to excessive pressure on the DIE.


You have a free bump :)

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