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World Tour at Computex


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If I've understand correct we need to register and pay for bench 26/27/28/29 at this link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hwbot-world-tour-taipei-2017-tickets-33693513205


29 for us g.skill finalist might be a busy day since we will receive the memory for live qualif.


Any hwbot gathering like last year at Brass Monkey PJ?


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Heads up for the gathering on May 26-27-28. We are almost able to confirm:

  • PSU
  • Peripherals
  • Monitor


We're also looking to provide some catering so you guys don't have to go out and look for food during the day :)


So... Any registration needed or something similar like hwbot wt? Since I'm qualified for the final, I'd like to save the time


The registration is only for the gathering on May 26-28. Of course you don't have to pay for entering the Gskill contest you already qualified for :)


Any hwbot gathering like last year at Brass Monkey PJ?


We're trying to figure out how we can get everyone together. This year is a bit different from last year because there is no hardware (product) launch this year, but still some things overclocking related.

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  • Crew
How/where do we reserve PSU, monitor, peripherals, and CPUs?


Anyone who buys a ticket for the OC Gathering (May 26th, 27th and 28th) will have access to the above gear. However, if you need a 1000W+ PSU, you can contact xyala@hwbot.org to reserve one (we have a limited number of these).


Ticket link:



More info:

HWBOT World Tour: Taipei 2017

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