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Next level ram OC accessory for you DDR3 guys


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What's up? In my nowadays much more common audiophile googling I stumbled upon this gem. Most certainly a real game changer for overclocking? For audio I'm not so sure... However they also offer highly engineered add on cards with very pretty colors and round thingys which I imagine will increase hard drive speeds, improve graphics and reduce fan noise. Take a look and prepare to be amazed.


HIFI PC filter&Sound card collection on eBay!


What a time to be alive.

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gain an extra 10MHz on you 12-11-11-28 Bdie OC!


Though to be honest I've been toying with the idea of trying to add some extra caps to a stick of RAM.


Well, your idea would be required since in case this thing worked, anyway you can't use it on boards like Apex or MOCF that are the good ram clockers due to their layout. For DDR3 like thread creator says, don't think it can do magic, but if someone has extra money could try it for the LOLs :P

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Ok,So,what I can see is that it prevents any electromagnetic interference which results in better signaling also it causes reduction any high frequency harmonics and overtones in the environment ,also has several decoupling capacitors which basically reduces impedance and also cleans up the power

Here is a one for DDR4 :D

ELFIDELITY AXF-75 Power purification PC-HiFi Memory DDR4 | eBay


Maybe 20-30 mhz extra for 4 Dimm Boards?

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