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Great 6950X on LN2

Xtreme Addict

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For sell this time I have a very strong i7 6950X. CPU is capable of running high cache and high core. For Cinebench R15 it can run around 5.27 GHz, around 5.33 - 5.35 GHz for 3Ds. Perfect for upcoming GTX 1080 TI nonref madness :)


Fast test before selling 5.25/4.5 GHz R15 run (note that Vcore was set for max clocks, not needed for that run).


Price 1425 EURO shipped






Disclaimer: No returns accepted, I am selling privately and not business related. I also cannot provide warranty for the exact clocks cause XOC overclocking depends from too many different factors, but gladly I will help with settings if someone has some issues in reaching the clocks. Bank transfer/paypal accepted (but only as friends/family).

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