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Afterburner Voltage Unlock Guide


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I present you with a simple guide to unlock voltage in AB for AMD cards removing the need for ABX


In this guide I'll be using a memory editor called Artmoney and AB 4.3.0 but it will work with a different memory editor and AB versions but addresses change


Note: This is technically a hack so user be were as changing something you shouldn't it could have unforseen effects


To begin with open Afterburner and artmoney and select "MSI Afterburner" in the drop down box labeled "Select Process"




Next click "Search" and change Type to "Custom" and click on box in red. Once that's done a box saying "Select type" and deselect all but "Integer 4 bytes" and "OK"




Now enter the max voltage in Afterburner (some cards it will be offset) in the "Search" box and click "OK"




Now click the green arrow




This part may take some trial and error but change the "Value" to something higher than it is and click enter or click away




If that worked once you go back to Afterburner it will allow the value you entered, if not try the next address




Now you are done and should be able to set what volts you want without limitation and be sure to click save so you can quickly load next time


Here's my Profile for GPU and Mem volts for 7970's

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