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TASOS - Athlon 900 (Thunderbird, Slot A) @ 1100MHz - 1min 57sec 760ms SuperPi - 1M

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My good friend hipro5 (which i thank ,very-very much) modded the board to become a K7V-T by adding the capasitors on the back side and by adding the resistor in the front side , (plus moving one of the existing ones).


After that , i flashed the board to become a K7V-T


It's the exact mod , described here

Aufpoliert: Vom Asus K7V zum K7V-T(uning)


No other mods done on this board.


I will upload pics later.

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The board had a typical behaviour of VIA chipset , easily loosing stability after the 110fsb mark.


Of cource it was more stable when not using the +33 ram speed option.

But what's the point of using it then ? ... better go irongate.


As for overclocking aspect , i wouldnt say that i noticed an improvement after modding it to a K7V-T

Maybe it was a bit better ... but it could also be a placebo effect.


When overclocking through bios , the board had a (bug or feature) of NOT booting straight away ... but after a couple of reset's.

That was happening only the first time i changed an fsb value.

Next boot-up's after the first , were fine.


Not the same behaviour when going jumper & dip-switch way.


When the board was a normal K7V (with all bios tested) it could boot a Tbird and overclock it , up to 800 Mhz

Either it was fsb overclocking or multi overclocking.

After the 800 barrier it was a no go.


After i did the hardware modification , i initially left the original bios of K7V on it , to see how it reacts.

Well , it raised the Tbird speed barrier up to 880Mhz.


Meaning that an original Tbird 900 still couldnt boot all the way.

It could open the screen and proceed with the boot sequence up to FF indication on the poster , but after that i was left with a black screen and dead cursor.


I then flashed it to K7V-T ... and got a green light.


I will keep on testing it , but i need to find some good 150+ CL2 sdram chips

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