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binned 7600k and 7700k


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Selling 2 excellent intel kaby processor:


1) SOLD retail i7 7700k LN2 binned 6.82ghz for Cine R15 from Hazzan for SOLD shipped worldwide. I have not had a chance to test this cpu on water or LN2. Was told that it is 1 of his best cpus he ever tested. No box, just the processor and plastic tray.


2) SOLD retail i5 7600k from Silicon lottery 5.3ghz watercooled bin (1 hour asus realbench) for SOLD USD shipped. This is 1 of their highest binned cpus (if not the highest they ever got). I did a quick test on LN2 and passed hwbot prime multiple times at 6.9ghz using venom pot(currently fastest frequency for this bench). Also managed up to 6.75ghz XTU once but crashed for screenshot (will retry this soon)

Some of my water results:

Custom watercooling loop at 22C ambient temps.

Non Delid:

-5.0 GHz Cine R15 = 1.152v (temps 50-52C)

-5.3 GHz Cine R15 = 1.296v (temps 61-63C)

After Delid:

-5.0 GHz Cine R15 = 1.152v (temps 46-51C)

-5.3 GHz Cine R15 = 1.296v (temps 56-57C)

-5.4 Ghz Cine R15 = 1.360v (temps 61-64C)

-5.45 Ghz Cine R15 = 1.440v (temps 70-74C)



marc0053`s HWBOT Prime score: 7453.72 pps with a Core i5 7600K


marc0053`s XTU score: 2032 marks with a Core i5 7600K







I accept paypal payments and ship worldwide using Canada Post

heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/81118/to

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