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GTX 260 Ref PCB Temp Mod


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hey everyone :)


yesterday i benched my gtx 260 with dice. the card is fully modded with ocp, vddq+vdd hard mod and vgpu via software. i have a big issue with the gpu temperature readout, after delid it. it switches between 0 and 168 centigrade every second. this causes a frequency drop to 400/800/300. the card is a very good one. before delid, it does 1420 memory benchstable.


can i manipulate the gpu temperature sensor readout or just disable it via bios/hardmod ?


my friend had the same issue with a non delidded gtx 280. but the gtx 280 readout is about 4,9 million centigrade. the reaction is the same, frquency drop...




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