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10C CPUs not allowed in ROG OC Team 2 Stage 5


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With the release of 12C-18C Skylake-X chips, I fully understand the desire to place a limit on the CPU, especially for a bench like Vantage where the CPU has a noticeable impact.


What I'm curious about however is the decision to limit it to 8C chips. In the past, the $1000 Intel HEDT chips, (4960X, 5960X, 6900K) have always been allowed, yet this time the $1000 7900X is not allowed in the comp since it's a 10C. Hell, even the $1700 6950X was allowed for the ROG comp earlier this year.


Following the tradition of past comps, wouldn't it make more sense to allow up to 10C chips in competitions, rather than limiting it to 8C chips?(Yes, I know that TR is a $1K 16C chip, but it's not going to do as well in a 3D bench like this, so it's not really applicable)

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