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TAGG - Pentium MMX 166Mhz @ 345MHz - 345 mhz CPU Frequency


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@gumanoid Here you go: https://youtu.be/evxXzNIdlMU  (will be fully uploaded in about 1:30h) you can clearly see the week 35 chip does 200MHz whith the same settings as the 44 does 166. Just so that you know: if you upload a better result with a 166 i'll also ask for video proof... There are a couple of old threads where you can find clues that not all MMX 166 are locked just google "pentium mmx 166 multiplier" and do some digging there have been several people who managed to get these chips to 3x... Please do some reserach before accusing people of cheating :(

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and what should I see on this video? I did not say that the board does not start with jumper set to the position of the multiplier of 3x. it starts but the multiplier is still 2.5x. You can set 83MHz FSB and 2.5x multiplier and giga will show 200MHz speed. I would like to see the launching of windows and cpu-z with DMI=0
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