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[EU] [WTB] Rampage V Extreme -Just the fully functional MOBO - socket 2011-3


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Hi Benchers, Players, Puzzelers, Tweakers, Modders, OC-ers, fiddlers and all the rest of you : we are hardware abusing poor sodds - BIG bigtime

Everynow and then -you'll ALL must  have been down this godforsaken road of utter dispeare.. Your eyes still hurting form that short circuit that creatief a mind boggling arc of light so BRIGHT it actually burned your eyes like a welding torche..

While meanwhile you try to take only very-very-very shallow breaths, so that short circuit smell with its thick penetrating -stinging cloud of Fried circuits stuff triest to smuther you, almost making breathing impossibble ..

Allas -Brothers and the odd Sister- we always seem to be able to kick ourselfs in the buts and get going again..


But the financials of these ordeals.. I cold have bought a brand new BMW M3 from this money pit.. But i still remain

My socket 2011-3 , the X99 Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard, has suffered from the above  tales, leasing broke, with an expensive 5960X in my hands that wants to play, or at least no langer alienated from this buddies which he sees living there happy lives..

So who's got Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard, which is fully functional-.??

Just the board, no accessoires needed,

Who can make me happy , with a board, for a very conciderate price. That might fit my budget??


Living in Franeker in The Netherlands, so possibly also estimated post price.


Thanks dudesssssss

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