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Intel Core i7 6700k [EU]


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Hi all, I like to sell my 6700k. It is verified to do 6600MHz. I might do better since I always tought it was only good  on air. With a few litres of LN2 it did 6600Mhz (all cores and HT). Since I had 2 chips that did 6600MHz (other is gone) and this one never scaled on LN2 I thought it was the chip and did not look further. Turns out it was me that did something wrong...I was able to boot Windows with a CPUz voltage of 1.344v. For PI I tested it at 1.376v. VID is 1.160v. I resealed it so it can be used for daily work (which it was doing for me). 
The CPU was originaly bought by me. 

Asking price: €200

Verification for 6600MHz

VID and photo's: 

6700k - 5GHz - 4.1GHz NB - 1.344v - cpuz all pages - win8.jpg

6700K VID - Win7.JPG

Intel Core i7 6700k - Box Back and date.JPG

Intel Core i7 6700k - Box codes.JPG

Intel Core i7 6700k - Box front and date.JPG

Intel Core i7 6700k.JPG

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Four m-ocf's crossed my hands. All on ambient.

Two died out of the blue, went for RMA and were sold. One was DOA and was immediately refunded and fourth survived until it was sold.

Best Z170 board, no doubt. But very delicate...or it was my bad luck...

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Mine died after doing nothing for weeks. Since I stopped... It did have a history of repairs but that seems Ok. 

Anyway, that 6700k is one of the best on air I have seen. That 1.344v and 1.376v are water cooled. 

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