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Teammate got banned, feedback please?


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I’d like to know why my mate – Anchoret got banned. No warnings, no notifications from administration/moderators, just silently wasted…

Was it cheating with results, jerk acting, paid teamviewer overclock advertising posts, etc?

Or the rules he mentioned in this topic have silently become primary?


Any questions or complaints regarding the exclusive members or administration leads to a lifetime ban.


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  • Crew

Let me give you a few: jerk acting, not only in this but on some other threads too (also with previous mods), thus being disrespectful towards crew and their moderating actions, he always needs to have the last word, not able to accept any explenation, also not seeming to enjoy this free service and rule set HWBOT provides (hence why he rewrote them), accusing other people of cheating while they didn't do anything wrong, not accepting a final decision,  DEMANDING stuff, being the centre of the universe and wisdom and yes since he's not part of them so called exclusive members we gave him some time to cool down.


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