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  1. Personally - I use only command line, with no additional config file. Like that: Run benchmark > Custom Compute a Constant > Change decimal digits to 10b > Change computation mode to swap > Far memory config > set all paths > 1 (path to RAID 0 volume) > typing location ("E:/y" for example) > doublecheck all and start. Then I use HWBOT Submitter to prepare validation file, and that's all.
  2. I see no (or didn't figure out, please tell how if so) possibility to run y-cruncher in swap mode. For example - I have an old LGA 1155 platform that can't use more than 32GB of memory, so there is no chance to run Pi-10b preset in RAM Only mode. In such cases I just plug in an old backplane + HBA with SAS HDDs, and running it like here Is there a possibility to add swap mode support for y-cruncher in BenchMate?
  3. StingerYar

    Please add HW

    Please add IPASON AMD_BL2 mobo, AMD A8-9820 CPU, AMD RX-8120 CPU and Radeon RX 350 GPU. http://valid.x86.fr/9fpvi3 http://valid.x86.fr/emmz9x You may know these hardware as XBOX-platform with windows compatibility
  4. Please add Supermicro P8SCT mobo, thanks! http://valid.x86.fr/trxm8b
  5. StingerYar

    Please add HW

    Please add Ryzen 5 PRO 3400G APU, thanks! http://valid.x86.fr/qa444v https://www.amd.com/en/products/apu/amd-ryzen-5-pro-3400g
  6. Is there a possibility to add rule like "No cores or HT disabling allowed" to HyperPi stage? Currently it just says "HyperPi Instances = processor/HT cores (max is 16 instances)", logically it's not clear that you may not disable cores or HT, it just says bench instances must be equal to core/HT number. Personally made this mistake, adding clarification probably will save time/effort for others
  7. It's E5 2637v2, can't delete this one, correct result here: https://hwbot.org/submission/3388572
  8. I saw something like that at russian Overclockers, pretty interesting history - https://overclockers.ru/blog/alexmaj467/show/37528/istoriya-overklokinga-zheleza-overklokerskih-komand-i-sorevnovanij-chast-1 Check this thread as well:
  9. Please add Supermicro X11SCZ-F mobo, thanks! http://valid.x86.fr/lcxh4t
  10. Please add AsRock FM2A78 Pro4+ board http://valid.x86.fr/jqgvfa
  11. Works for me, thanks.
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