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  1. Yes, on stock settings. Most of all boosting up to 3.9GHz on all cores, and to 4.3GHz on low load.
  2. Well...
  3. Guys, if you are having problems with win7 on X570 - just buy pci-e x1 USB controller for $10
  4. Hi I've been using AMD APP SDK x64 + both VS 2012 & 2013. There's other strange behavior. If you use latest Adrenalin drivers with AMD Graphics card present in system - you won't be able to calculate on CPU in GPUPi, it shall see only GPU for calculation, or even won't start with error like that you mentioned (not sure about exact error message). Removing AMD GPU from system fixing this problem, GPUPi shall start with CPU in list of available calculation devices. Removing GPU drivers won't help, btw. Perhaps you are having same problem...
  5. StingerYar

    Please add HW

    Please add Xeon E-2226G CPU & Supermicro X11SCA-F motherboard, thanks! http://valid.x86.fr/7vsw9t
  6. StingerYar

    Please add HW

    Please add Kingston DC500R SSD series
  7. Same problem, on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, even on mobile phone.
  8. StingerYar

    Please add HW

    https://hwbot.org/hardware/processor/eden_esp_10k/ Guess that's the one.
  9. I had these problems with systeminfo, solved by disable driver signature enforcement (F8 before loading), last 5.20 works fine with it.
  10. StingerYar

    Please add HW

    Please add Kingston KC2000 NVMe SSD, VIA C3-M 666MHz (Nehemiah) CPU, MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC mobo and Microsoft Surface Go, thanks! http://valid.x86.fr/xgt8f1 http://valid.x86.fr/swknn8 http://valid.x86.fr/jcpzde
  11. And another question, SC3: DDR3 - Memory Frequency, memory sticks probably should be different, but what about CPU, mobo? Is it allowed for team to use one same board with same processor, just 3 different kits of memory, or everything should not be the same?
  12. SC3: DDR3 - GPUPI v3.3 for CPU - 1B. Want to clarify "Use 2, 4, 6 processor core(s) in total." Team shoud submit one result per each core count? Like one result from 2, one from 4, one from 6? Or team may do three 6-core results? Like 1100T+1090T+1075T.
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