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Cheap cpu for ddr4 4kc12 testing ....?

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Hi :)

i am looking for a cheap cpu to put in a bench test station to bin ddr4 sticks at 4kc12 minimum.

I have a good 7700k for the job but it is currently busy in hy daily :D
i wonder if pentium g4560 g4400 may do the job?

looking at g4400 results on hwbot, I have a big doubt... and same for g4560...


any tips are welcome.



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G4400 and low-end Celerons will clock B-die just as good as the K-chips and will produce comparable results/voltages. The only downside is that your 32M runs will take longer.

I recently used a G4900 (Coffeelake) and its IMC had much less issues running 2066 than any Skylake / Kabylake.

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