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[FS:EU] 9900k 6.75G R15, 7.2G SPI


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Dear all,

Im offering my one and only 9900k chip for sale. It is not lapped or delidded original, mint condition (little scratches on ihs surface made by the ln2 pot haha). The thing is its not binned, just bought one from Alza and it is what it is :) Acutally the hottest chip ive seen out there (1.20v 90C+ on water), however the ihs is surprisingly flat and clocks quite good. lets see some results:
normal ambient watercooled: 5GHz 1.18v R15 pass, 1.208v prime95 stable.
IMC experience: it seemd to be picky to A2 layout bdie, hard to train 4kc12 settings, but A1 is totally fine. also did some results for high clock, ambient 1.55v SA is enough to run 4600mhz range, above not booting only on ln2 cpu, that way above 5ghz+ no problem on memory.
ln2 scaling: fullpot no problem, on apex no need rsvd on, just set vcore,vccio,vsa,vpll manually and it will be all good. max validation 8/16 7247MHZ,
6750mhz 1.70v R15, 7200mhz 1.95v SPI32M

The cpu is definately not a reject, just cannot afford to keep it longer. simple is that.
Asking 680 EUR shipped, Im trying to have back the original price I paid for it back in october nothing more, oh ya forgot to mention it is covered with 2 years warranty to Alza (invoice attached)!!!

9900k prime 5GHz.jpg




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