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Binned E8400 sale


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Hi All, 

Up for sale are some binned E8400 cpu's. These cpu's are binned down from 100 E8400's. 
All CPU's are within top 27 from 100. Quick test results are down here. 
Last cpu in the list was bought from Sam. Never used it but for reference (to get an idea what range I needed to go to).  

Post tests were done on a Rampage Extreme with just a Copper cooler block on it (without cpu paste). Quick test only. 
Windows boot tests were done properly. 
FSB tests were done quickly as well, reference test only. 

Edit 7 feb 2019:
All cpu's are sold for €2 a piece without sending costs. Just to get rid of them I sell all cpu’s together for €15. 

Try and get better cpu’s for that price...




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