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Bullant - Phenom II X4 960T BE @ 4457MHz - 14min 45sec 219ms SuperPi - 32M


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There's definitely room for improvement. I'm sure you will easily beat it :D. Hypers got me 5 sec off compared to basic 2000 6-9-6 PSC.

Not sure why, but the board doesn't like PSC much, BBSE is tragedy and Hypers are not really stable above 2000 regardless timings and voltage.

Maybe it's the IMC, but it did 2200 air with PCS on Crosshair V Formula, so...I don't know.

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Yeah cache will be our problem with comp running 0c+ on water 30c+ temp my chip 960t hard to pass 3400 cache....my 1090t better cache but core weak as, no way near 4.5ghz lol.


Might try buy chiller soon.....im

sure if no limit on temp and cache boost we would easy see 13m

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Yes, my CPUs (1090T and 960T) CPU-NB tops at about 3600 (or a little higher) and chiller doesn't help much compared to normal water.

So I'm already on the limit there. The other option would be frozen RAM. Think I've done 2000+ 6-6-6-18 with just cold air before, might try. Or maybe see how high could go with 6-7-6.

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