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  1. Try not to take it personally mate, everyone makes mistakes Best thing you can do is learn from it and move forward, I have complete faith you can do better
  2. I won't derail this thread but your scores were reported as invalid and upon checking them they were indeed invalid according to the rules for that benchmark. Feel free to open a new thread or PM me about it if you'd like, more than happy to talk you through the rules for each bench Grats to @ObscureParadox for the gold and looking forward to the rerun with the CPU-Z version visible
  3. GPUPI runs on all GCN based iGPUs starting from Spectre onwards
  4. I like the idea of the 3000G, It's a cheap unlocked part with an iGPU so you can have both 2D and 3D stages for it, it'll also run on a cheap B350 board. Also removes the possibility of using a higher end CPU to gain a couple extra points overall with a low end dGPU. SuperPI (32M of course), X265 4k, 3DMark06 and Sky Diver/GPUPI 1B would be my votes. For a tiebreaker stage Mem freq would be fun to see or 3DMark11 Physics is something else that could work.
  5. I don't recall a stage that required 2nd gen to be used but would be nice for Tonga and Antigua to get some love.
  6. 1st gen GCN has had a fair bit of love in the past, why not 2nd or 3rd gen this time around? Something like Unigine Heaven would be good to see imo
  7. I just used memory I knew was easy enough to work with, I've no doubt there's more in it :)
  8. Thanks mate, this was a random Ebay chip, 0906FPMW is the batch
  9. Don't know if that's possible but this would be good for those that don't care about that ranking
  10. The newer CPU-Z requirement makes the most sense to me and it's something most people already do. Sad to see this happen but I guess there will always be people looking to do what they can to gain internet points.
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