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  1. Got another one to be added when you get the time mate, A10-7850k (Spectre 512 shaders) + R7 250. It does show up as 3 GPUs but there's only 2 connected.
  2. This particular stage is configured to use the Graphics (GPU) score, the rules that are on the main page for the benchmark largely apply with that exception. Because it's not a benchmark ranking like the full Skydiver test is there's no point structure for it. Everything is working as it's supposed to It's the same for everyone that submits in that stage.
  3. The only thing you're doing wrong is entering the total score when you should only be entering Graphics Score For that submission it should be 46625 instead of 31668
  4. Mem Try It! worked for me I tried with both micron Rev E and B Die and neither would post but the Try It! profiles up to 4800 seemed to work just fine, the 5000 one I might need to spend some time on, thanks again
  5. Thanks Wizerty! Any tips for posting above the 4466 strap on ambient? Haven't spend alot of time with it but 4466 will post from cold boot but above that gives a CPU error.
  6. I can echo this statement, Haven't always agreed with Alby but there's been discussion back and forth which is exactly what should happen so I can respect it.
  7. The rules for this have been clear since 1st generation Ryzen launched. https://hwbot.org/newsflash/4335_ryzen_platform_affected_by_rtc_bias_w88.110_not_allowed_on_select_benchmarks Check the date on the article first, then check the benchmark rules, looking over your history it's all Cinebench R15 and R20 so let's use those benchmarks as an example Now if you read the rules then you'd see that Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and their server variants aren't allowed here but to help illustrate that further there's a nice chart if you click on the link Does this help clear it up? I've no doubt these rules and chart will get updated going forward especially with the inclusion of benchmate being a requirement but really the fact is this was never allowed and as Mat has proven not all platforms are safe from this even with HPET enabled.
  8. Just to be 100% clear this time before I go and bench anything, Open Hardware Monitor and HWiNFO only? Stages look good man, should be fun
  9. I went back to 1.63 but no further, thanks mate All working now
  10. I'm at my wits end here, hopefully someone has run into this and has an answer for me. Put simply CPU-Z will hang my 3200+ (Socket 462) system once it hits the Processor mark when loading, All benchmarks run just fine and complete but I can't get CPU-Z to load to save a screenshot. Messed around with different versions and the .ini file as well but sadly no dice.
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