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  1. Thanks mate, still more in the tank as always but I'm pretty happy with this one for it being my first time with 939 cold :)
  2. I want your version of the game...it's only 200 here 😭 Anyways, back to benching people, still lots more time to go 😁
  3. Fantastic testing mate, well done and thank you for digging into this and thanks Mickulty for providing the tools to do so
  4. Bilko

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Thanks, Good to know it's possible to fit it all in that res and still be legal
  5. Bilko

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Only because I actually just finished this run and it happened to be at 1280x1024, Would this pass? But overall I agree, 1920x1080 or above makes it much easier
  6. Bilko

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Thanks Leeg, Much appreciated
  7. Bilko

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    will this mean with the monitor in shot (finished bench screen) or just a running rig pic? Not an issue either way but wouldn't mind some clarification on it
  8. It did go higher but was volt limited and no in OS tuning at the time
  9. Yes, I realized that about 2 minutes after I hit submit, Edited the result right after which obviously doesn't change it in forums. Score was edited before either comment appeared on here actually.