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  1. Might need to change the wording around to reflect this. Currently the way this reads is the CPU is limited to positive temps but the GPU isn't. Also no mention of highlighting GPU temps viz GPU-Z as well. Just don't want people potentially misunderstanding
  2. CPU limited to positive temps in Div I-V as well? I'd assume Div VI-VII would be positive temps regardless as they were in Round 1
  3. With us needing to use HWiNFO64 or HWMonitor and the like already I think a +15/20c minimum for GPU temp is best. I understand the rationale behind Stock coolers only but with there being (sometimes large) variations in the capabilities of GPU air coolers it could be just as unbalanced as allowing H2O mixed in anyway. Capping CPU freq is fine by me and also ties in with still needing monitoring software. Can't speak for Div VII but for Div VI it'd make sense to have the top end GPU used to be the same time period as the top end platform (990FX = HD 7970) Looking forward to Round 2 πŸ˜„
  4. Awesome stuff Mat, can't wait to see the final product ☺️
  5. I'm in 100% agreement with this, How HWBOT currently has it laid out is on point imo
  6. If it gets more people benching and the sockets used are the same as what's listed in the rules then I'm for it
  7. I'd assume not I'd take hardware to mean CPUs, Boards, GPUs and potentially Memory.
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