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FS(USA) Abit an7 and DFI NF4

Mythical tech

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Everything bundled for 125$+ shipping. 


1: DFI NF4 fully working has vaseline on it for insulation  but it can be removed if needed.

2: Abit an7 fully working no insulation on it

3: APEX ix fully working and I have a heatsink for it from a dead board that will be included for free, no bent pins.

4: APEX ix fully working, has a few bent pins but it still retains all functionality though it could use a good cleaning in the socket with electronics cleaner.

5. BH5 will bundle it with the nf4 or an7, it can do 250+ but never got around to using it much.

1. 100$

2. 75$

3. 100$  Sold

4. 80$  Sold

All prices are without shipping. Open to offers everything needs to go as I am limited on space.








The pictures uploaded in the wrong order but I think it is fairly clear what is what. If you have any questions I can clarify.

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1 minute ago, Sparky's__Adventure said:

Is that some teamgroup ddr4 I see with the Apex?

Yeah they are in rough shape phy but still work well.  To clarify they are not inc with the board I just had them in to make sure the board was fully functional. 

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20 hours ago, Mythical tech said:

I only am selling one 939 board but it is still available. It comes with 2-3 sticks of bh5 250+ mhz and a sick of tccd but for 25$ more you get the an7 with it. 

Hi, it was mostly the DFI board I'm looking for (I have an ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 SLI) and wanted to get a DFI board to see which is better, but the RAM alone sounds good, It's getting very hard to find good DDR these days. Would you ship to Ireland? 

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