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(FS)6 highend DDR4-Kits


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Merry Christmas

Up for sale are twelve fully working memory kits, a lot of them are brand new. For further information refer to details at the descriptions. My lack of time lead to not all kits being 100% tested for oc, but potential should be visible nontheless



A1 Samsung B-die

1. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z black/white DDR4-4266 C19-19-19-39

New, tested for 4133 12-12 2,01v and 4266C12-12-12-28 1T 220 tight 2.13v GB3, age week fifty 2019, with box and sticker

413312-12gb32015vw1jqj.jpg 4266c12gb32135vw0jmy.jpg

2. 4x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Silver/Red DDR4-3866 C19-19-19-39

2017 batch, all four sticks do 4266 C12-11-11-28 tight in pairs on Apex XI, at 2,13-2,15v. Original quad kit, bulk

79-80420012-112.08vgblzkfh.jpg 3866quad8182426612-11makc1.jpg 79-80426612-112.15vgbfck7p.jpg

3. 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX red DDR4-3733 C17-19-19-39

B-die, tested for 4133 c12 gb3, not more tested aart from this because I used them for daily a while. In Box with fan

Micron E-die

4. 2x8GB Crucial Ballstix Elite DDR4-3600 C16-18-18-38

Only used for some fast checks on how they work and craftmansship, good mems. I was able to run them 4500 c17 and 18 daily, not more tested but there was headroom for sure. In box

A2 Samsung B-die

5. 2x16GB G.Skill Trident Z silver/red DDR4-3200 C15-15-15-35

Good 32gb kit, tested for 4000c18 at 1,35v on apex, they can also do 4200c19 daily at least, maybe better. I have a second 32gb kit which I use so this kit would go to waste if I keep it, it is better to sell it then. Bulk

6. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3600 C17-18-18-38

Older stock from early 2017, untested for oc more or less - now found the time to check properly and it does 4133 c12-11 with headroom (with scaling estimated 4180-4200)and 4800 14-13 as well

3600c17rgb4133c12-11ggaj6c.jpg 3600c17rgb4133c12-12g4njuu.jpg 3600c17rgb4133c12-12g6nk1v.jpg 3600c17rgb4600c1832mghxkz7.jpg 3600c17rgb4800c14-13ghlja7.jpg

7. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4600 C18-22-22-42

The kit is from week 29 2019, one of G.Skills highest bin, tested for 4133 12-11 1.96v and 4800 c14-13 1,95v GB3. Decent kit but for me it should be used on cold because voltage tolerance is not that big. Bulk

4600gtzr413312-11gb31bdjoq.jpg 4600gtzr4800c14-1319501kra.jpg

8. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4-3800c14-16-16-36

New, week 50 2019, actually highest AMD approved bin, this kit is not even listed on geizhals for example in europe because it is extremely rare up to date.. 4133 12-11 GB3 1,99v, 4800 14-13 1,98v GB3. ot only beautiful but also performing well, still I have better kits. Reliable but voltage tolerance is not that big, in box

413312-11gb3200vv1ki2.jpg 4800c14-13gb3198vzgj5s.jpg

9. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4000 C18-19-19-39

New, week 36 2019 end numbers 25/26, tested for 4133 c12-12 2.05v and 4800 14-13 at same voltage, not much more tested, but this was 100% reliable. In box with sticker


10. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4000 C18-19-19-39

New, week 36 2019, end number 43/44, tested for 4133 12-12 2.05v and 4800 c14-13 2,03. For sure better than #9 so I tested these more, voltage headroom for 4800 is at least 2.11 which makes these candodates for 4900+ on air minum. In box

4000c1845480014-13gb3wjjss.jpg 4000c1845480014-13gb3xckeo.jpg

11. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z silver/white DDR4-4400 C19-19-19-39

New, week 50 2019, tested for 4133 12-12 GB3 1.95v, 4266 C12-12 1T! CB 11.5 2,06v and 4800 14-14 GB3 1,94v. This is one of the best a2 kits I saw so far, it can boot and do benches at 4266c12 at 1t on apex completely tight timings and has easy headroom for 4933+ on air. In box with sticker

413312-12gb3195v1rkvo.jpg 426612-121tscreen2.06pajtw.jpg 4800c14-14gb31945vhdjom.jpg 4800c14-14gb32045vggjn3.jpg


12. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Red DDR4-3733C17-17-17-37

B- die, age week 9 2016, no oc tests apart from 4000c17 and 4133 c17 memtest. A1 layout, bulk


13. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Red DDR4-3733C17-17-17-37

B- die, age week 9 2016, no oc tests apart from 4000c17 and 4133 c17 memtest. A1 layout, bulk


Prices (shipping is not included)

1. 250 Euro

2. 390 Euro

3. 125 Euro

4. 125 Euro sold

5. 185 Euro

6. 160 Euro sold

7. 260 Euro sold

8. 280 Euro sold

9. 160 Euro sold

10.  270 Euro sold

11. 380 Euro sold

12. 100 euros

13. 100 euros

All items are located in germany, prices are in euro without shipping cost that comes on top (around 15 Euros at eu, for other destination get a quote). Preferred means of payment is paypal, buyer covers fees or gift payment, the prices are calculated this way.


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#1, the 4266 c12 GB3 kit, is available again bc I canceled the deal, I tested the rgb kit #6 for oc and it does 4133 12-11 and 4800 14-13 with headroom and I added two 3733 C17 B-die kits which I did not test for oc

edit #6 sold

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