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Splave - Ryzen Threadripper 3970X @ 5400.2MHz - 23323 marks Cinebench - R20


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32 minutes ago, neurotix said:

Do you have CPU-ID validation link for this? Thats not a 3990X? mllrkllr's 3970X at 5.1GHz only got slightly under 10k? How does 300mhz equal over 13000 points higher? Its over double

Its R20. A 3970x at 4,4 scores about 19.000cb so the result absolutly makes sense.

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Welp, I feel like a mental retard now, especially since I slept. Sorry for the undue accusation, and thanks for being so nice about it. Really excited for the 3990x :O I can only dream of affording one. Any chance for 2P EPYC 7742 (256t) down the line? $6k each but a compatible Supermicro board is about $800 afaik (H11DSi-NT) :) Thats what I really want to see
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