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Abit AN7 Win XP install and stability


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Hi all, 

Since some time I have 2 Abit AN7 boards. Great boards and I can mod the NB voltage and all...

But the Windows XP installation and stability is a horror. While installing I had to make backups of every reboot in the installation process and to come to that point it costs me at least 10-30 tries. I tried several bios versions (modded or not modded), ATA and SATA drives. nothing help, any idea what the problem is? 

Note that I also have a dfi, Abit nf7-s (2) and an Epox board working fine with all hardware. 

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I just dioscovered that while using the Infrared (1T) bios I can actually boot to Windows while using auto settings foor cpu speed and voltages and memory settings on optimal. This leaves the CPU @600MHz  and memory 266MHz.

When I start WPrime is hangs after a few seconds. Bad caps? 

Edit: just lowering cpu or memory speed was not enough.

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It doesn't seem to be getting hot. I checked it in BIOS and with my fingers. The strange thing is that both AN7 boards have the exact same issue. 
On 1 board I replaced part of the CPU caps (all 6 6.3v 3300uF) and 1 for NB (6.3v 1800uF) a while ago. This does not make any difference. 
I am thinking of NB or memory caps. I am testing different speeds and voltages now. 

Edit: Just found out that my XP install for AN7 seems to hating newer versions of CPUz (1.78 and 1.90 hang after 5-15% loading). Version 1.51 works fine while running 800MHz. 

Edit 2: I can run the CPU @2400MHz with 18x 133MHz FSB WPrime stable. 
Memory is stable with 4:6 settings (running at 400MHz C2-2-2-5 1T) and CPU still @2400MHz (133MHz FSB). 


Edit 3: I allready replaced 6 caps, after replacing another 7 it gives a first ever boot on 11x200MHz. 1 cap came out with 1 leg still in the motherboard. After testing some more I can now boot 8x245MHz C2. Seems stable to me. Now for the other motherboard...

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