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The official Challenger 2020 Division VIII round 1 Intel legacy B - Max 2 cores thread.


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I just looked at the compo ranking, not the competition points one... Anyway the Ranking is not final as the compo is not finished... Hamilton doesn't get ranking points before the race is over right...  Wait till the compo ends and see then if it still is mixed up.... 

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Ok the rankings its not final but all the strange things happens to me...

I should be in 2nd place for Season 2020 according to current competition rankings,  as all the other member get their points  but you tell me "wait 25 days"

Ok that means something I was afraid couple weeks...

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13 hours ago, Digg_de said:

So much HWBOT x265 Benchmark - 1080p Scores w/o HPET Timer active and only my Score was reported. ???


Bullshooter found a way to bug X265 on Win7 and made it straight public, hence why we had to go quick and the below rule was added to the competition:

HPET timer needs to be enabled for new subs (09-02-2020)

Doesn't matter if you run Skylake, no matter which OS you run for the competition.

A new X265 is already under test (v2.3) and which will run only when HPET is enabled. So we adapt already for the future.

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