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chispy - Radeon HD 7970 @ 1420/1875MHz - 12840 marks 3DMark - Fire Strike


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10 hours ago, MaddMutt said:

You have to show this setup :) Chilled water @ -21c WOW.

Here you go , 1 Active Aqua Chiller 1 HP moded water chiller + 2 big industrial pumps + 1 big cooler/reservoir  inside a big plastic bin completely fill with industrial foam isolation , i drill 5 small holes on top of the big cooler and filled the top and sides with industrial foam isolation also the top/door of the cooler to make it like a Yety ( overdone isolation )  it works as my big secondary reservoir  it takes 6~8 gallons of coolant + 2 big holes on top for subsero coolant in + one hole for subsero coolant out and keeps recycling from the chiller +  a few meters of 1/2" thick industrial tubing all cover nicely with isolation foam tubes to the water blocks wish are also all cover nicely with isolation foam tape. This set up i spent more or less around $2,200US Dollars on it but damn it delivers the cold :D , it takes 4~6 hours to get to -21c due to the fact there are two reservoirs , one medium size on the chiller and the external big cooler inside the plastic bin. It needs to be done correctly and perfect complete isolation of every component is a must to stop the run away subsero temperatures. i have had this set up already for 3 years and it still working as the first day as i change the tubing and disassemble the chiller for cleaning plus change the coolant ( expensive maintenance :( ) twice a year. i'm one of those guys that do not care about looks , i only care about max performance hence this thing is not pretty at all but the performance it's outstanding and the heat load capacity it's huge. The chiller is outside my bench room because that thing produce a huge amount of heat and noise and i run the tubing thru the door to my bench room with an A/C at full blast at low ambient temperatures of 60f. Well that's it , that's my set up :) , i hope you like it !






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Thanks Sharon , the huge heat load capacity is due to the large well insulated  reservoir as a buffer as it helps a lot and maintain the temperatures at subsero always after many hours running heavy benchmarks. For very long benchmarks like Vantage and heaven in 3D is awesome , also is great for long 2D benchies. I have been perfecting a mixture of coolant and distilled water to make the most out of this chiller. No LN2 or Dry Ice available for me at the moment so i have to do the best with what i have :)

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