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The official Challenger 2020 Division II round 2 - 8 cores only thread.

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  • Crew

I see a lot of subs with HWinfo running, but not showing the info me and the rest of the moderators require

You can adjust the looks of HWinfo by either pressing the configuration cogwheel tab or by a right mouse click (on the opened HWInfo) and selecting the layout settings

This will after hiding a lot of  HWBot invaluable information (in my case up to 227 settings hidden) result in a smaller HWInfo window




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Since all my submissions have been flagged for whatever reason it is that I don't understand, can we, for the next time, get a competition that allows the use of windows 10. Because we are in 2020 after all, and if you want more participation in your competitions, try to make it easy for people to compete in them.

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  • Crew

Welcome to OC where you need more than one OS to get the proper performance 

Benchmarks were chosen to limit the impact of the GPU to give everybody a fairer chance of competing.

Sadly this means for AMD uses they need to run Windows7 due to possible RTC bug on that platform with Win8/10.

And as we noticed before hardly anyone properly reads the rules at the frontpage...

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I am guilty of not reading rules thoroughly for sure, but I don't have a copy of windows 7, so I guess I will skip on everything that isn't validated by benchmate or online for now on.

Also, if we don't want GPU to matter why not use the CPU score of a more recent bench like Fire Strike or Time Spy ? Genuine question. People are gonna compete for 1st place with binned 9900KS, binned Bdie and 2080ti Kingpin edition under ln2 anyway...

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