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An XTU score that is 27x the next-highest CPU scores??


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The profile & score I pointed out are not mine.


It looks like there are many, well, cheaters fudging XTU scores, as


shows every overclocking record over the statistical possibility being submitted by "anonymous".  It's not hard to grant oversight and regulate such cheating, but it seems that HWBOT simply hasn't given it as much thought & effort as this Crime Room forum would lead you to hope for.  You don't go from working hard to get into the 4,000 range to, all of a sudden, skipping up to entries in the 100,000's.

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  • Crew

In fact most of the bugged scores are not a crime as not bugged on purpose.  We label it as user unawareness. Many just install the software, run it and sub it.

Many users won't even re-run XTU as they just wanted a quick check for stability, also most of them don't compete for any ranking. Many use it for quick adjusting of multies and voltages in notebooks and such.

What is funny though, many comment on their own score and never get back in touch if anyone has a question about their hardware settings or cooling equipment. Never understood why anyone would like his own facebook post, this is exactly the same.

For those that pushed the program beyond its specs it was easy to detect them as they apeared in the ranking and got either spotted by a moderator or a fellow OCer.

Also a point that a newer version scored way higher, thus the entire database got messed up. (air scores beat LN2 CPU and such)

So we took the harsh decision to remove the boints and will remove any Team Power point and co in the future.


If XTU version 2.0 gets HWBot submission compatibility again and updated versions score comparable we will start a new XTU 2.0 ranking.


 PS:I removed mr anonymous from the world ranking, if you spot some more totally whacked out scores , feel free to pm me

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Quick question

Why does HWB even support XTU anymore anyway? I mean, you get nothing from it. No Intel support, no monetary support, virtually no active members after their 1 sub, and nothing but questions from irate users that don't understand.

HWB needs to separate themselves completely IMO, to move on.

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  • Crew

Well XTU brought a lot of newcomers Mr.Scott, then it started to bug, then some of us knew how to trick it, last but not least Intel's programmers released updated versions that blew all the old scores away. 

I still have high hopes to start XTU 2.0 with a clean sheet .Getting them newcomers into some sort of Rookie Rumble again.  Anyway even if only a small percentage of them decides to stick around with our niche hobby I'm a happy puppy.

We really need to start playing with some game benchmarks, but promise ourselves to  focus only on the hardware and not the software side. That last act always blows up in our face....

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