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Johnksss - GeForce RTX 3090 @ 2310/1375MHz - 2sec 213ms GPUPI - 1B


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3 minutes ago, Johnksss said:

I submitted it using the submit to hwbot button. So how does that make it wrong?

Because the submitter screwed up and its in the wrong category. You ran 3.3.3 and not 3.2. Not a big deal. Just resubmit using the Submit Score button and the proper category.

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I tried to just submit a score to take over for this one, but as you know...Since it does not beat this score it won't take. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


And I also need him to move that score to the right category as well.


Man, I knew that score was to good to be true. LOL

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