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chispy - Sempron 150 @ 4320MHz - 4087 marks PCMark10 Express


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I have no idea why it is showing for me but not for you ??? Try again. Also Ale Belo score has hidden link on his sub  , look here - https://hwbot.org/submission/4668828_ale_belo_pcmark10_express_sempron_150_4257_marks/ , so it might be a problem of FM / UL if myself and Ale Belo scores do not show up on FM/UL links , no idea what's going on at FM/UL validation sadly , they are having weird bugs with pcm10 verification links lately. @Leeghoofd can you please check what's wrong with this 2 subs ? Mine and Ale Belo ? Thank you.

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4 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

Do they show up as VALID at UL website ? could be unapproved driver, too old systeminfo,....

It says valid score but processor is not recognize at UL / FM ??? It looks to me like another bug with fm and pcm10 , not recognizing very old hardware with newest system info and latest updated pcm10, i used the latest systeminfo from FM/UL website, i did latest update to pcm10 and whql drivers from amd. Dang it it took me 3 days benching non stop to get this score as it is a huge pita running an 18 minutes long bench on a dinosaur , ancient Sempron 150 single core to watch it crash at the latest part of the bench , not fun and i'm not touching it again or re-bench , so fucking slow :( ,  Nothing wrong with my system or in my side of things. I'm tired of this bugs that never get fix at FM/UL , just like Hall of fame bug , ( never was fix ).

Look here as proof of valid run:




22 minutes ago, cnzdrn said:

The same thing happen with 5 cores, processor is not recognized, with approved driver and latest systeminfo.


Same thing happened to mikecdm and other people benching Sempron 1 core and unlocked Athlon B560 to 3 cores or 5 cores , That's FM/UL problem not ours. They need to get their shit together at futuremark / UL ...








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39 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

K I'll talk to Pasi,  for the time being add Screen 1 and 2 to the submission.

@chispy Can you try to run a 3D benchmark on that platform? to see if that one has problems too with cpu recognition, than it's probably linked to the systeminfo only

Sure , i will pull the system back together on simple air cooler cpu and run a 3d bench to see if we still have this problem , rigth now tis set up it's off the SS and store in boxes but i will do it for you my friend. Will post the outcome here later Alby ? , thank you.


Kind Regards: Angelo

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