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snakeeyes - Radeon RX 6900 XT @ 2964/2420MHz - 26918 marks 3DMark - Time Spy

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@snakeeyes @Leeghoofd 

Guys at hardwareluxx have been doing a really great job getting the most out of these cards. But there is also some discussion about something that is not quite right, see last post here: https://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/threads/radeon-rx-6000-3dmark-time-spy-rangliste.1294520/page-52#post-28804684

I don't know what is going on really, would be great if anyone from HWL could clarify.

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I got the first high Score in HWluxx. I also delte my first high score on Hwbot, cause i think it cant be true. But AMD or 3Dmark dont do anything. So how can i check, it isnt a bug? Or maybe the card hit better Timings on Vram in some combinations? Who can say it isnt a tess bug or a perfect match on Vram+Timings? I cant, so i upload my last high score.
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@snakeeyes @Faktorx2 @Jimshown LMHF @chispy

Let's try this. 

We will require further video proof to dig more into this unleashed performance

Open your AMD adrenaline drivers and show Tess is set to Enabled, than set your clocks and run the benchmark, keep on filming. After it displays the score, open GPUZ twice, one tab open to show the set clocks, plus one sensor tab open that monitors the real clocks ( while have opened the GPUZ render ), reopen the AMD Adrenaline driver to show Tess is still enabled. Stop filming...

Redo the above , but this time set Tesselation to Disabled in the Adrenaline driver.


you all got PM


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