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NoMS - K6-2 450MHz @ 720MHz - 5min 9sec 374ms SuperPi - 1M

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2 hours ago, Antinomy said:

What clock detection issues, clock jumping? Which version where you using? We've fixed this with Franck Delattre about 2-3 years ago specifically for P5A. Versions 1.9x should be fine.

Yes, clock jumping. 1.03.0 Vintage Edition is broken as you can see in the video i posted on this thread, tbh, even the old 1.47 I used sometimes got issues with this, it's only a bit more manageable than newer versions. ?

If I remember well from my previous testing, same issue as 1.03.0 on CPU-Z 1.98. Any ideas to fix that?

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45 minutes ago, Antinomy said:

Should be fixed since 1.86. I've reported it on 1.85. Try versions from 1.86 to current and let me know. If you don't have them, I can send you.

Downloaded all of them since 1.86 from here, is there any other version you want me to try?
1.86 is broken here and all the other versions looks the same, attached is one video showing the issue with 1.86 and a report.txt from 1.98 which you can also spot the issue.

Here is a validation with 1.98, apart from the fact that the image looks correct, the 5.6MHz on memory clock is very wrong.

Also I don't know if it helps but my board is a P5A rev 1.03.


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Just now, Antinomy said:

O.K. Looks like I got the test build where this was fixed, I checked it but Franck didn't apply it to release versions. I'll remind him of this issue.
If your P5A rev. 1.03 with Phaselink PLL? Or is it the newer ICS version?

It's Phaselink PLL52C66-28

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3 hours ago, moi_kot_lybit_moloko said:

link on valid with bugged phaselink

It's not mostly the PLL that is bugged, it's the system timer. But on 1.03 the fluctuations were wild like down to 4-5MHz FSB. This began after a certain version of CPU-Z, I think Gumanoid was using one that wasn't yet affected. Got broken later.

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