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3dMark 06...no points please reculate

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  • Crew

Seems global and hardware adjust directly after subbing a new score, but not the total season score.... will check this weekend with Tim when the season recalc should be triggered. 

You also have to take note it is not because you submit a new score that it should change with the same amount of points. It could be your added hardware/global points are equal to one of the already taken into account submissions. Or maybe just barely higher or even lower...



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  • Crew

Yup Albi, I know that,  but at least for four days or more has not changed, see this please

Ranking season 2022 
709 , 3 
while the sum does not give the total
total real is 762.8

The same thing happens in your profile

Edit - for having realized this problem on the page and that for a long time 2 scores were in conflict and did not count in my profile. Do won I an invitation to the Corsair event ?, I carry my Ddr OPB edition...?



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  • Crew

Yeah you benched, but as numerous time already stated you benched the "with benchmates" a lot, icestorms,...did wrong submissions subbing 3D11 with a Vantage screenshot... I told you I would clean up your profile as you have subbed many times identical scores too. 

I have no clue anymore how many times it needs to be repeated before it sips through.... you're on mute, I can't be bothered with this drama behavior

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