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[b]leeghoofd[/b] I can remove a cooler from NorthBridge and make kood photos of NB (693A) and SB (596B). It was a VIA recomendation to use 693A with 686A SB, but Acorp build a cheap version of Via Appolo Pro 133 (693A SB + 596B SB). It is actually not pure Via Appopo Pro because of SB, and there was no revisions of this board sith 694X NorthBridge. Only With 693A. But this board is really legendary.... polundra. I was surprised, that there was no Reference Frequency record before I submite it. This board is very famous in xUSSR.
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Look HWBot decided a loooong time ago to follow CPUZ detection. Your submission tells us Apollo Pro, that's what we list at HWBot. We can't start to change NB's on the fly, that would become a nitemare for the database guys, which daily do their utmost best to follow up on the latest and greatest.


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via recomendations about southbridges doesnt matter, final decision for motherboard manufactures
and on old motherboards you can see different combination with northbridge and southbridge - on via i see socket super 7 mobos with MVP3 nb and 586/596/686А sb - it works on pci bus and has compabiity between hemselves. also can see kt400/600 with different sbridges 8235/8251 etc, it works on proprietary v link bus and has compabiity between themselves too. also you can see mboards with completely different chipsets - amd750+ali(pci bus), amd750+via(pci), nforce3+uli1589(hyper transport bus), etc

6via85p isnt interested board, and hes so popular on our countries, yea.

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It may also be necessary to merge some motherboards into one. I noticed that the x265 test defines the board as "693-596-SMC" and does not allow to specify the name during the upload of the result (example https://hwbot.org/submission/4975057_). I used DMI TOOL to fix the board definition (example https://hwbot.org/submission/4975331_) and it worked. I did not have the task of deceiving anyone, misleading, etc. I am not sure if DMI TOOL can be used here, but my thoughts were pure. This board - https://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/693_596_smc/ is most likely the same 6VIA85P, although I cannot say this with certainty. My goal is to run as many tests as possible with this board. Polundra is a legendary thing. I am not a member of any special team and I have no desire to defeat anyone. I just want to pay tribute to the piece of iron. Sorry for my English.
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There is VIA693 A.


В отличие от 6VIA85P данная плата сделана на чипсете VIA693 (без "A"), который принципиально отличается от VIA693A, имеющего возможность выставить частоту памяти больше, чем шина процессора (в VIA693 - можно сделатьтолько меньше). Именно поэтому (из-за медленного чипсета) прирост в скорости по сравнению с официальной прошивкой очень скромный ~20-30% (в случае 6VIA85P - на порядок выше).


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